About the Lopez Locavores

Safe within the protective outer coat of every seed lies a story of potential becoming. 

Never did we imagine that, from a simple conversation about ways to bring our community together in the name of healthy, local food, we would grow into what we are today:

A passionate, not-for-profit organization dedicated to cultivating community through the support and celebration of local food, farm and education. 

seeds in their pod

We believe that when you eat locally, not only do you strengthen the roots that feed you, you become part of a more sustainable, secure economy.

You help grow a community.

And everyone benefits.


  • local producers to both local and off island consumers.
  • community through the sharing of local food and island recipes.


  • the local economy through investing in local food sources.
  • an appreciation for seasonal foods, home gardening and slow cooking. 


  • local youth about responsible land stewardship and sustainability.
  • through shared kowledge of growing, harvesting, storing and preparing local foods.

Living our values.

Collaborating with other local organizations is central to our work.

Since 2008 we’ve formed professional alliances with dozens of organizations, working closely with the Lopez Island School District, The Lopez Community Land Trust, the Lopez Island Family Resource Center, Lopez Senior Services through Woodman Hall, and Tap Root Community Kitchen to bring a variety of projects to life. 

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Evening Meals at School

Curating a totally of 59 different Evening Meal events, we’ve served over 11,000 plates of  locally sourced, volunteer prepared, deliciousness, all at one accessible price: pay what you can. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have suspended these gatherings, but we look forward to the day we can continue with this beautiful tradition. Click below to view the archives of menus and memories of past events.

L.I.F.E Garden Program

In collaboration with the S&S Farms and Lopez Community Land Trust, the Lopez Locavores have played a fundamental role in the development, and growth. of the Lopez Island Farm Education Garden Program which now forms part of the Lopez Island School District’s curriculum.

Lopez Fresh Soup

Donating time and resources, the Lopez Locavores have cooked more than 1700 quarts of homemade organic soup that is then distrubuted through the Lopez Fresh, a Lopez Island Family Resource Center initiative.


For years Lopez Fresh, our local Food Bank, has received fresh vegetables and fruit from anyone willing to donate them. Due to COVID-19, this had to be discontinued, which led to the birth of our newest initiative, Grow-A-Row;  a call to action for home gardeners to share their abundance. 

Supporting Local Economy

Being a farmer starts before the sun rises and often ends well after sunset. If you are trying to promote your small farm, you aren’t outside farming, which is why we created an entire directory of all our local farms. To help promote and connect them to our island community. 

Gleaned Fruit Processsing

Every season we collaborate with the Lopez Island Family Resource Center to cook and dry their gleaned fruit into things like apple and pear sauce, fruit leathers and chips that are later distributed through Lopez Fresh. 

Join the local food movement today.

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