Help Us Grow

Our 10 favorite reasons to be a Locavore:


  • Fresh – You can’t get fresher than today’s harvest.

  • Taste – Food picked today tastes better than food picked two weeks ago.
  • Nutrition – Food picked more recently has a higher nutritional value.
  • Natural – Local food is more likely to be organic or grown without pesticides.
  • Local – Buying local food supports your neighbors and the local economy.
  • Variety – Discover vegetables you didn’t know existed because they’re in season.
  • Stewardship – Protect local farmland for the next generations
  • Environmentally friendly – You don’t need fuel for ferries and trucks for transport.
  • Self Reliance – Regional food production systems connect producers and consumers.
  • Community – By strengthening your local food network you enhance and maintain your quality of life.

Ways to join the local food Movement

Grow a garden.

Buy local meat and produce.

Donate excess produce to Grow-A-Row or Lopez Fresh.

And, of course, your support makes our support possible. 

When you make a monthly donation, no matter how big or small, you become a fundamental thread in the Lopez food-safety net. 

You can also rest assured that 100% of your donations will go to fund local initiatives that support food security on Lopez Island. Cross our hearts.