Evening Meal Dates

May 23, 2019



Sue Roundy, President
Marney Reynolds,Vice President
Ande Finley, Treasurer
Nancy Wallace, Secretary
Christine Langley
Heather Harrison
Aliza Finley
Dixie Budke
Jean Perry, Emeritus
Michele Heller, Emeritus


“If every US citizen ate just one meal a week composed of locally and organically raised meats and produce, we would reduce our country’s oil consumption by over 1.1 million barrels of oil every week.”

—Barbara Kingsolver

Evening Meals at School

Evening Meals at School are communal, organic meals of local, seasonal food served four times during the school year in the Lopez School cafeteria. Chef Jean Perry (owner of Vortex Café) collaborates to create the gourmet menus, while a team of 25 volunteers glean and donate produce, handle publicity, create floral centerpieces, set tables, serve food and clean up afterwards. Everyone in the community is invited, payment is by sliding scale donation to cover the cost.

What do we hope to accomplish?

When the seed that we now know as the Evening Meals at School was first planted, we hoped it would fall onto fertile ground. And has it ever! Enthusiastic response has shown that our community was ripe for shared meals based upon local and seasonal products, and the ideals we originally hoped to foster — to reconnect, revitalize, and sustain — have truly taken root in our fecund soil.

Our aim is to encourage reconnection with our local food sources and producers, with the idea of eating seasonally and reclaiming food traditions that reflect time and place. Sharing meals reconnects us to one another as a food community.

The well being of our agricultural community is revitalized by the interest in local food sources and the awareness of our impact on food ecosystems. Our own health is revitalized when we consume fresh, local, and seasonal foods. We hope to rekindle interest in and practice of home cooking utilizing these foods. Let us revive the networks and relationships that in the past have enabled food culture to thrive.

The cornerstone of sustainable food security is to generate, understand, and teach responsible land stewardship. We must safeguard the quality and quantity of our water, soil, and seed sources. This involves sharing knowledge and techniques about growing, harvesting, storing, and preparing local foods. On Lopez Island we encourage the expansion of agricultural diversity (i.e. dried beans and grains) and the exploration of gleaning and rotational land use. The L.I.F.E. program at Lopez School is cultivating an active understanding and appreciation of these principles in our children. The Evening Meals at School provide us the opportunity to practice these ideas in a fun, social, and interactive forum and to contribute to the growth of the Lopez Community Food Network.