Lopez Island Farms

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Farms are listed in alphabetical order.

owners of barn owl bakery

What: Delicious breads and pastries made with locally grown heritage grains

Where: 108 Grayling Lane

Phone: 360-468-2662

Website | Email

Buffum Brothers

What: Grain, straw, hay, cows, and pigs

Where: 618 Channel Road

Hours: Call before coming

Phone: 360-468-2320


owners of barn owl bakery

Chickadee Produce

What: Biodynamic fruit (pears, plums, apples, quince, and blueberries) as well as seasonal veggies

Where: 203 Chickadee Lane

Hours: Call before coming

Phone: 360-468-3297


owners of barn owl bakery

Flint Beach Ohana

What: Pasture-raised Romney sheep and free-range chickens

Where: 778 Flint Road

Hours: Call before visiting

Phone: 360-468-3270


Goosefoot Produce

What: Seasonal, weekly CSA


Horse Drawn Farm

What: Seasonal vegetables, organic, free-range beef

Where: 2823 Port Stanley Road 

Phone: 360-468-3486

J & M Occasional Fruit

What: Apples, pears, blueberries and occasionally peaches

Where: 29 Chickadee Lane

Hours: Call before visiting

Phone: 360-468-3775


Jones Family Farm

What: Meat (Beef, Pork, Goat) and Shellfish and Seafood

Where: 1934 Mud Bay Road

Phone: 360-468-0533

Website | Email

L.I.F.E. Garden Program

What: Educational farm and garden program through the Lopez Island School District

Where: 86 School Road


Lopez Harvest

What: Diverse variety of salad greens available at Blossom Grocery and Lopez Village Market

Where: 875 Davis Bay

Contact: 360-468-2857


Lopez Island Farm

What: Grass fed lamb and pasture raised pork

Where: 193 Cross Road

Phone: 360-468-4620

Website | Email

Lopez Island Vinyards

What: Locally grown wines

Where: 724 Fisherman Bay Road

Phone: 360-468-3644

Website | Email

Lopez Village Farm

What: Fresh seasonal vegetables. You can catch them every Saturday at the Farmer’s Market or schedule a time to swing by their farmstand. 

Contact: Facebook

Lucky Ewe Farm

What: Locally born and raised grass-fed sheep

Phone: 360-468-3133

Website | Email

Mackay Harbor Farm

What: Locally grown, certified organic strawberries

Where: 109 McBarron Lane

Phone: 206-354-9015 


Midnight’s Farm

What: Rotationally grazed, grass-fed Murray Grey beef and heritage pork. They also sell compost and have a small yoga studio on the farm. 

Where: 3042 Center Road

Hours: Farm stand open from dawn to dusk

Phone: 360-468-3269

Website | Email

North Star Farm

What: Donuts and bagels made with locally grown stone-ground wheat

Where: 5625 Fisherman Bay Road

Website | Email

Stonecrest Farm

What: Grass-fed beef, pork and lamb

Where: 252B Kjargaard Road

Hours: Farm stand open daily. Call ahead to be sure of availability.

Phone:  360-820-1008

Website | Email


Sunnyfield Farm

What: Goat cheese and yogurt

Where: 6363 Fisherman Bay Road, Lopez Island, WA 98261

Phone: 360-468-2764

Website | Email

T & D Farms

What: Fresh produce and eggs

Where: 1844 Bakerview Road

Phone: 360-468-4775

Website | Email

Watmough Bay Farm

What: Fresh seasonal veggies of all varietals.

Where: Lopez Island Farmers Market

Hours: 10-2pm May through Sept.



For more information about local farms and a FREE printable pdf, take a look at the beautiful farm products guide created by our friends at Lopez Island Community Land Trust.  

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