Evening Meals at School

They say that the path to the heart is paved with bread.

And that might be true, but bread is always better when you are breaking it with the people of your community.

That’s why we started our signature event, Evening Meals at School, because there is no greater joy than sharing.

Except for if that joy is sharing local food.

In the Beginning

In 2008, two of our 3 founders, Michele and Steve Heller, took a walk around the school track. As they discussed the importance of eating locally, they felt a sense of urgency to do something about it. 

Having already collaborated to launch the L.I.F.E Garden program, an education curriculum adopted by Lopez Island School to teach children how to grow, harvest, and eat locally grown foods, they wanted to extend that same opportunity to the rest of the community.

Reaching out to Jean Perry, founder of Vortex Juice Bar & Cafe, they went to work, giving birth to our signature event, the Evening Meals at Lopez Island School.

Today, we have served approximately 11,900 plates of volunteer-prepared deliciousness to hundreds of members of our community.

“We come here to share in the bounty of our local farmers and eat a healthy home-cooked meal together,” says another.


*Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, we have suspended our Evening Meals until further notice. However, we look forward to sharing with you again soon!

Take a walk down memory lane.

Dive deep into what has largely made us what we are today: The Evening Meals at School. Within these pages you will find 12 years of posters, recipes and stories from our historic community gatherings.

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